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 Toodledo.com visit Toodledo.com

Toodledo is an easy to use, web-based to-do list. Keeping track of all your tasks will help you avoid disorganization, stay motivated and be more productive.

Currently ranked in the top 10,000 of all sites worldwide.

 Braingle.com visit Braingle.com

This site contains user submitted and ranked brain teasers, riddles and mind puzzles.

Currently ranked in the top 50,000 of all sites worldwide.

 FoldNFly.com visit FoldNFly.com

A database of paper airplanes with easy to follow folding instructions.

 Kinector.org visit Kinector.org

Frequently, family reunions are the only times when certain family members get to catch up with each other. This website is designed to help families keep in touch. It offers a shared address book, calendar and newsletter as well as a family photo album, recipe storage and message board area for conversations.

 Mentalrobics.com visit Mentalrobics.com

Improve your memory, creativity and vocabulary with these daily exercises.

 BoredGourd.com visit BoredGourd.com

BoredGourd is a database of things to do when you are looking for something to do. If you ever get 'bored out of your gourd', come here and find something to ease your boredom.

 Wocka.com visit Wocka.com

This site contains user submitted and ranked jokes.

This is an offshoot of Braingle.com and reuses most of the same code and design.

 Glurk.com visit Glurk.com

Calculate the value of your website with this free appraisal calculator.

 LunchFight.com visit LunchFight.com

A free multiplayer online game where you toss food at other players. Earn points to buy better food and clothing or train to improve your characters stats. This game is an spin-off from Braingle.com.

 RoboZapper.com visit RoboZapper.com

Upgrade your robot's weapons and armor and attack other robots to earn points and climb the ladder. This is a free multiplayer online game.

 PuzzleSolver.com visit PuzzleSolver.com

This web site contains solutions to many different types of puzzles, including Rubik's puzzles and impossible bottles. It also has a message board where you can post questions.

 Where.com visit Where.com

Event based photo sharing. Upload directly from your phone.

 Geosnapper.com visit Geosnapper.com

Enables users to upload and distribute accurately geo-referenced digital photographs using a digital camera and a GPS receiver.

This website was sold and turned into Where.com (see above).